Launch of New Site Japan Rail Tickets

Something we’ve noticed from running our site Tokyo Cheapo is that there’s not enough info out there about how to do rail in Japan. The reason so many people have been coming to our site to research and to get information is simply because the Japan rail system is so difficult to understand. To give you an idea of the complexity, in Japan there is not one national rail company - there are 6! »

New Project: Eventr – One Stop Listing Site for Japan Events

Once a week, I work for a Japanese start-up called EventRegist. EventRegist is an event ticketing platform – kind of in the same space as sites like EventBrite and Peatix. When I’m there I work on localising the English versions of the EventRegist apps and I sometimes do front-end interaction prototyping and testing. Recently, I’ve been working on a new project – In case you haven’t figured it out from the web 2. »

‘Growshrink’ jQuery Plugin for Scaling Elements Up and Down

I just put some more code on github. This is based on the scripts I used on the Sequoia Heritage Site to get the growing/shrinking animations. You can download/fork the plugin on github here: You can see a demo of the plugin on this site: For details on how to use it, see the README on the repo and have a look through the code in index.html and lib/main. »

CodeIgniter Library for Encoding/Decoding Morse

I made this library for a bit of fun when I was making The concept is simple – it encodes normal text to morse code and decodes morse to text. It’s quite tolerant of different characters being used for the dots and dashes. Here’s a demo. And you get the code and fork it on Github: »

New Website for Imperial FT Ltd.

[][1] I’ve just built another website for a start-up in Japan. This is a simple bilingual site for Imperial Finance & Technology Ltd. – a new start-up that is aiming to shake-up the world of portfolio management in Japan. They are some of the nicest people around and they are taking a really innovative open source route in developing their platform. If you’re interested in the products that they will launch soon or you’re looking to program apps in a creative, innovative environment then you should definitely sign-up to their email newsletter or get in touch. »

Greg Lane

New WordPress Theme: NineteenNinetySix

[][1] WordPress recently announced the TwentyTwelve theme. This theme follows the TwentyTen and TwentyEleven themes. Just for a bit of fun, using the TwentyTen theme, I’ve made the NineteenNinetySix theme to turn your site into a hideous mid 90s web monstrosity. Features: Comic Sans title font Marquee Tag Link buttons with big wide bevels Meaningless animated gifs Big serif fonts and default colours Home-made textured background I was hoping to make it fully HTML 3 and table based but I had to make it pseudo 1996 because of the difficulty of hacking WordPress to use 90s era markup. »

Greg Lane

New Website for Right Click KK

I’ve just completed a WordPress driven bilingual website for Tokyo based RightClick KK. You can read more about it in the Portfolio Section of this site. »

Greg Lane

Embracing my Inner Cheapo

I’ve just launched a new blog/guide with Chris Kirkland of Artweb and about doing things cheaply in Tokyo entitled Tokyo Cheapo. It’s a common perception that everything in Tokyo costs a fortune and that it’s much more expensive than anywhere else. Sure, some things can be really expensive in Tokyo, but they don’t always have to be. In fact some things are much cheaper here than in other major cities. »

Greg Lane

‘San’ is not an English word!

I feel a little strange launching into a rant after such a long break from posting, but I felt the need to vent on this particular pet peeve of mine. ‘San’ or (さん) is an honorific in Japanese. I won’t go into the complexities of when you should and shouldn’t use it or when you should use ‘chan’, ‘sama’ or ‘sensei’. The point I would like to make is that it isn’t English. »

Greg Lane

A Visit To Tokyo Designers Week 2011

[wpvideo QUpuYvuB] [wpvideo I8zx4Ip4] The 26th edition of Tokyo Designers Week opened on November 1st and runs until the 6th of November. Despite the name, it’s more of a single location event – all the other design events on at this time of year are not actually under the TDW umbrella. My expectations on arrival were not that high. On my last visit to the event a few years ago there was a lot of interesting furniture but nothing that really left an impression. »