LinkedIn Finally Releases a Japanese Version

On Monday this week, an email was sent to LinkedIn users located in Japan announcing the launch of the Japanese version of the business networking site. Coming more than eight years after the launch, this has to be one of the slowest localisations of a popular site ever. Digital Garage (the company behind the successful localisation and launch of Twitter in Japan) originally planned to help produce a Japanese version in 2007, although that never came to fruition. »

6 Considerations For an International Corporate Visual Identity

Just to make this clear from the outset, ‘Corporate Identity’ is about a lot more than a logo.  A logo can be a unifier that ties everything together, but CI is about everything that your customers (or staff) are likely to come into contact with.  It includes the name of your company, slogans, symbols, colours, the clothes that employees wear to client meetings and in the office, business cards, presentations, the way you answer the phone, the tone and speed of email responses and even your customers. »

A Flood of Art, Design and Media events in Tokyo

In mid to late autumn of each year there is a flurry of interesting art, design and media related events in Tokyo.  Here are a few that we’ll be either attending or keeping an eye on. Digital Content Expo 2011 Thursday, the 20th of October to Saturday, the 22nd of October This is what it says.  The best of Japanese CG and 3D art and animation will be on display. »

A Few Stats On My Mad Blogging In June

Although day 28 is yet to appear (hopefully released very soon), here are some stats on my 30 days of blogging in June (not including the rogue post). Total posts: 29 Posts in English: 27 Posts in Japanese: 2 Words: 15,672 Japanese characters: 1,675 Total views: 5,447 Average views per post: 188 Post with most views: 5 Cool Companies Run By Foreign Entrepreneurs In Japan 6⁄5 (480) Post with least views: Mashable Social Media Day 2011 in Tokyo 6⁄30 (23) »

Greg Lane

Mashable Social Media Day 2011 in Tokyo

To mark June 30th as Mashable’s ‘Social Media Day‘ an event was held in Ginza this evening featuring lightening talks from a whole lot of presenters – some in English, some in Japanese. Something that is really apparent since last year is how boring social media itself has become – which is a really good thing.  Whereas in the past there was still a lot of get rich quick hype and general bullshit, people are now seeing past the shininess and exploiting it for what it does best – connecting people and communicating information in a one to many manner to get real world results. »

Greg Lane

International Site for Coram Japan Launched

fusionbureau recently completed an international site for Coram Japan. The product for which Coram Japan is most well known is the Lékué silicon steam case which has been a huge hit in Japan over the last couple of years.  Although Coram doesn’t actually manufacture the steam case, they are experts at creating ‘software’ around a product.  Coram has developed numerous cook books, blogs and demonstration videos and the product has been profiled a number of times on prime time TV. »

How I Learned To Code

I don’t regard coding for the web as a particularly unique or special skill.  The massive numbers of other people out there who can do it better, faster and cheaper attest to this.  What I really value about this skill however, is how it allows me to use my creativity – mash things up, build something that’s useful to me and generally just make my ideas come to life.  You know that idea you’ve had for a web site or app but you don’t know how to build it? »

Greg Lane

How Much Time to Spend Naming a Product, Business or Website

In the last few years, I’ve had the chance to assist in the naming of a few businesses and websites.  Unfortunately in terms of the businesses, one no longer exists, one is dormant and the other is yet to be adopted by the company after more than a year – so the track record isn’t the best!  Although I’d contend that in all cases there was absolutely no problem with the name. »

Greg Lane

The Japanese Web Design Aesthetic

Is good web design universal? Or do you need to redesign or re-conceptualise a site for a Japanese audience? This is probably not something that Japanese web designers who design Japanese sites think about. However, for international companies who might have a main site in English or another European language and are looking to produce a Japanese version or even for Japanese designers redesigning a site in English, this is a question that inevitably comes up. »

Greg Lane