LinkedIn Finally Releases a Japanese Version

On Monday this week, an email was sent to LinkedIn users located in Japan announcing the launch of the Japanese version of the business networking site. Coming more than eight years after the launch, this has to be one of the slowest localisations of a popular site ever. Digital Garage (the company behind the successful localisation and launch of Twitter in Japan) originally planned to help produce a Japanese version in 2007, although that never came to fruition. »

6 Considerations For an International Corporate Visual Identity

Just to make this clear from the outset, ‘Corporate Identity’ is about a lot more than a logo.  A logo can be a unifier that ties everything together, but CI is about everything that your customers (or staff) are likely to come into contact with.  It includes the name of your company, slogans, symbols, colours, the clothes that employees wear to client meetings and in the office, business cards, presentations, the way you answer the phone, the tone and speed of email responses and even your customers. »