A Few Stats On My Mad Blogging In June

Although day 28 is yet to appear (hopefully released very soon), here are some stats on my 30 days of blogging in June (not including the rogue post).

Total posts: 29
Posts in English: 27
Posts in Japanese: 2

Words: 15,672
Japanese characters: 1,675

Total views: 5,447
Average views per post: 188
Post with most views: 5 Cool Companies Run By Foreign Entrepreneurs In Japan 65 (480)
Post with least views: Mashable Social Media Day 2011 in Tokyo 630 (23)

Most comments: Solving Japanese Web Fonts 612 (8)
Most facebook likes: Top 5 Beer Gardens in Tokyo 625 (7 – this is posts liked from the blog, not from my news feed)
Most tweeted: 5 Cool Companies Run By Foreign Entrepreneurs In Japan 65 (15)

Overall I’m glad I did it,  although producing this volume of content consistently was quite a challenge to getting other work done and sufficient sleep.  Also, posts in the first 20 days were much more popular than those in the final 10.  I think this is mainly because I was running out of things to say!

Considerations of views and interaction aside, the writing itself has intrinsic value for me.  By putting things down in writing here, I’m helping to order my thoughts more coherently and to clearly express ideas that I’ve had for a number of years without putting them into an understandable, sharable form.  Quite often when starting to write, I instantly realised big holes in some of my ideas and theories which forced me to research further.

I don’t think I’ll try this experiment again, but I am aiming to post with some regularity from now on.