Embracing my Inner Cheapo

I’ve just launched a new blog/guide with Chris Kirkland of Artweb and hoboceo.com about doing things cheaply in Tokyo entitled Tokyo Cheapo.

It’s a common perception that everything in Tokyo costs a fortune and that it’s much more expensive than anywhere else.  Sure, some things can be really expensive in Tokyo, but they don’t always have to be. In fact some things are much cheaper here than in other major cities.  How many places could you get lunch at a *top* restaurant (not just a dodgy tourist trap) for 1,500yen ($US20) including a salad, a main and coffee?

So the blog is about ‘hacking’ Tokyo as Tim Ferris would put it. It’s not about reduced enjoyment or being a tightass – it’s about not wasting your money and making it go further.

We’re open to contributions and suggestions also.  Check out the site and tell your friends like in the Faberge Organics shampoo commercial.