International Site for Coram Japan Launched


fusionbureau recently completed an international site for Coram Japan.

The product for which Coram Japan is most well known is the Lékué silicon steam case which has been a huge hit in Japan over the last couple of years.  Although Coram doesn’t actually manufacture the steam case, they are experts at creating ‘software’ around a product.  Coram has developed numerous cook books, blogs and demonstration videos and the product has been profiled a number of times on prime time TV.  This is part of the proposition that Coram wants to make to manufacturers outside Japan – they don’t just take a product and push it through existing distribution channels, they grow the brand making the global brand stronger in the process.

This is also the purpose of the site.  The target is top class international producers interested in entering the lucrative Japanese consumer market.  We feel that this site is a cut above those of other companies in this space and hopefully it will push suppliers who are looking for a company that understands brand and marketing in Coram’s direction.

We also think the site is a great example of the quality you can get when professional photography is specifically commissioned for a web site.  The difference in quality between this site and one that uses stock images or images taken by staff is quite apparent.