New Project: Eventr – One Stop Listing Site for Japan Events

Once a week, I work for a Japanese start-up called EventRegist. EventRegist is an event ticketing platform – kind of in the same space as sites like EventBrite and Peatix. When I’m there I work on localising the English versions of the EventRegist apps and I sometimes do front-end interaction prototyping and testing. Recently, I’ve been working on a new project –

In case you haven’t figured it out from the web 2.0 naming, it’s pronounced “eventer”. In wasei eigo (Japanese English) it means someone who organises and runs events. The problem that Eventr addresses, is the difficulty in finding a consolidated listing of business related events in Japan. There are hundreds of business related events every day – but keeping track of them is almost impossible. Typically events are listed on the site of the organiser, the venue and often the event ticketing platform. So (before Eventr) if you wanted to keep up with events of interest, you would need to sign up to EventRegist, Peatix, Doorkeeper, and Tixee as well as to regularly scan the web sites of big venues like Makuhari Messe, Tokyo Bigsight, Tokyo International Forum and Tokyo Midtown. Even then, you’ll likely miss most events of interest. Additionally, we’re trying to provide as much information as we can in both Japanese and English – with an emphasis of cutting through the event organiser marketing speak and letting you know exactly what is of interest with a particular event.

On the technical side (the design definitely needs some work) it’s built on WordPress using a Zurb Foundation based theme called FoundationPress.  For those unfamiliar with Foundation, it’s a front end framework that allows you to build and deploy sites quickly.  Another similar framework (which I used to use) is Twitter Bootstrap. Foundation is very light weight and flexible and built for mobile right out of the box.

We’re still learning exactly what people want, but the site aims to provide a simple way to browse events of interest, search, register your events as well as signing up for events and adding them to your calendar. If anyone has any ideas or feedback on the site – features you like, features you don’t, features you want, please let me know!